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Create Your Own Spa Experience At Home

August 7, 2023

If time permits, majority of us would like to spend most of our days at the spa. Whiffs of lemongrass accompanied by the amber-lighted room, this is as close of paradise we can get. For days when your spa is fully booked and you just need some me-time, this is how you create your personal haven at home.

Aromatherapy & music

As with any spa, creating an ambience is essential. Scented candles are a must along with aroma reed diffusers. Recommended scents are lavender and lemongrass. Lavender has been proven to have calming, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. Similarly, lemongrass also has similar pain-relieving properties while functioning as an anti-fungal insect repellent too.

Another must is music. Negligible as it seems, this really gets the mood going. Research has shown that music can influence mood changes and calms you down quicker when you’re stressed.

You don’t have to create a playlist from scratch, simply look up relaxing spa or meditation playlists on streaming services or YouTube.

Spa bath & masks

Time to break out those bath bombs, bath salts and other goodies you want to immerse in. Apply your favorite luxury face and hair masks while you relax and let them work their magic. No bath tub? No worries, you can indulge yourself in a body scrub. Exfoliating and nourishing, this will leave you positively glowing.

Body butter

After a warm relaxing soak and all your pores have opened up, it’s best to slather on your creamy body butters.  Instead of body oil, which is only used during body massages, a body butter containing shea butter will have the best moisturizing effects. 


Continue your routine with a DIY facial head massage or a full body massage for an even better sensory rejuvenation. The vital step in completing your spa ritual, a massage improves your blood circulation, loosens your muscles and reduces fatigue and stress levels.

Warm tea

What better to end your pampering routine with a soothing detoxifying tea? Rose teas are renowned for their anti-oxidant, mood-lifting properties as well as being high in vitamin C. Another choice would be lemon ginger tea with its immune-boosting, antioxidant effects while improving liver function.

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